A new combination of
Technology, Art and Charity.

A unique Advent Calendar to raise funds for girls' education in India

Night Walk 2022
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The internationally renowned art photographer and curator of the Digital Art section at PHOTOPIA Hamburg 2022, André Wagner, and the experienced programmer and web3 evangelist, Andreas Berghammer, have once again combined their power.

Wagner has gathered 23 well-known artists who will each gift one digital artwork in the 'Artists for Charity Advent Calendar 2022' with the aim of raising funds for girls in India. It has been a life long dream for André Wagner to be able to provide a great amount of funds to help girls in India. Girls and young women in particular are still very disadvantaged in India. The funds are distributed by Lalita e.V. who are very experienced with projects in India and ensure that the money reaches the girls and their families. André Wagner has travelled with Lalita e.V. to India several times. 'Reflections of India' on Opensea is a series of photographs André Wagner took on these journeys.

When you head to the mint page you will be asked to make a donation.

You choose the amount. If you participate every day, you will own the complete wonderful collection of all 24 digital images and 24 tokens for the utilities. Above all, you will have made a great contribution to our project!

Every collector who mints images from the Christmas campaign is part of a big impact.

Technology + Art + Charity
= Real Help

Wanda Stang

André Wagner, who is internationally known for his intimate photographs of Indian people, rituals and temples, says about this project:

'Over the years, I have been to India again and again and fell in love with the people and their spirituality. With this project, I want to give something back to India. By providing tangible help, I want to give hope and a future. This is why I am very excited that so many artists are part of Artists for Charity.'

All donations from the Artists for Charity Advent Calendar 2022 will go to a special fund that is hold in trust by Lalita e.V..
Of course you can also donate directly to this project. Especially if you would like to donate in a 'normal' currency. You can do this here. Please state as the intended purpose 'Artists for Charity'. (But you won't get the free NFT.)

Lalita e.V thanks you in the name of the supported people in India. Your donation will change a girl's life!

Sarah Jil Niklas

What if..., we can't collect enough?

There is no 'not enough'!

Every ETH counts. Even if the sum feels small to us, in India, even a small amount is worth a lot.

'One person alone achieves little, but when many people pull together, significant things can be achieved.'

Full transparency
Of course, every step will be documented and published on André Wagner's homepage, twitter and discord. You will see what happens with your donations and which impact it has!

RetroCap, Spraylack on Canvas

You've probably heard of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs turn digital pictures into collectibles.

The unique proof of ownership is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. If you own the token, you are the owner of the digital collectible.
You have the opportunity to get a collectible every day from
01. - 24. December 2022.

Every day you can mint a different picture.

The pictures will always be revealed on the following day. But be aware, if you miss a day, you can't mint the picture afterwards. This is an experimental art project to combine blockchain technology, art and charity in an uncommon and innovative way.

We would be happy to help you with the realization of your own project!

Untitled-1 2014
Clemens Reinecke

During your life, you experience so many precious moments and discover landscapes and people that will perhaps shape you forever.

But unfortunately we can only keep the memories and feelings and the hope to experience something like this again.

So we capture that inspiration and create something special.

The artworks show you a new sensual perception with which you can encounter the beauty of our world and thus give it a place in your life.

The different pieces are meant for people who want to perceive more than our five senses allow.

Joe Ramirez

Each participant has the opportunity to donate a voluntary amount when minting the NFT. These donations will be transferred directly to a wallet of Lalita e.V.. The donations collected will be used to directly support families in need and their daughters.

Art and charity have gone hand in hand for years. You have the possibility to do something good and be able to enjoy it forever.

You can donate as much as you want, either right on the first day or additionally on every other day you mint a NFT.

You can also receive the artwork without donating.

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